Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekly Weigh In - #1


I can't believe I'm going to be posting my weight here, but I need all the motivation I can get. I'm starting a new day, and fingers crossed I will have success this time. My weight has gone out of control lately. I know a lot has to do with to much computer time. So I'm going to try to cut back my computer time and do other activities instead. My mom and I have decided to start walking tonight, can't wait for that! I also need to start doing my EA Sports Active. I have to say, 20 minutes of EA Sports Active makes me sweat!

I'm also going to keep track of what I eat by doing the Weight Watchers system. I have everything from joining before, so I know what to do. The only thing I won't be doing, is going to any meetings. They just gets to costly!

So here it is, my first weigh in:

Week 1 - 206.6 lbs

Wish me luck, let's hope next week the number drops! You can join the fun too at Marvelous Mommy.

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Marissa said...

Oh good luck! Losing weight is a battle always worth fighting :) I have struggled with my weights for YEARS and I've come to the conclusion that I MUST exercise and eat right, or I'll gain weight. I'm not one of those "lucky" women that gets to eat sweets, tons of delicious food and stay thin! Ha, and I'm STILL NOT THIN!!! what's up with that??!

Julie said...

You go girl. I know you can do it. I didn't post for the Weekly Weigh In this week, just no time to do a post about it. I weighed in at 201, so down 24 lbs from the start. A long ways to go still but it's a pound at a time. I am so glad I have subscribed to your posts so I can keep up on how you do it. Good luck, you have quite a following to help you achieve your goals. One day at a time.
Have a great afternoon, take care and God Bless!!!

Marvelous Mommy said...

I'm so glad you decided to link up!! It really helps you make better choices during the week when you know you have a weigh-in coming up on Thursday!!

I'm your newest follower!

Angie said...

Thank you all for the support. I have to say, this is only day 1, but I've done better then I expected, way better! I'm drinking my water (and only water) and counting my WW points! I know it's only the first day but I feel so good about what I have done today!!! Yay!

daniii♥ said...

Good luck!! I've been with the blog hop since week 1 and I love all of the support so far. It's definitely a great motivator. I can't wait to see how you do next week!

Danielle @ "We Don't Have It All Together" said...

YAY for joining... this is a great way to get motivated & everyone is sooo supportive!!
Good luck for next week!
(Wish me luck, I gained this week)

lindsey said...

Welcome aboard the weight loss challenge! {sorry for the cheese}
It sounds like your doing so well your first day.
Good luck and were all here for you :)



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