Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day Cards - Tip Me Tuesday

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I get really board with those typical Valentines Day cards for the kids to send to their classmates.  This year since Tristan is in Kindergarten with a whole new class and this is Brayden's first year in preschool, I'm decided to do the same thing I did last year, but better.

We made our own Valentines Day cards, and it was really simple and lots of fun!  Anyone can do this, and believe me, your child will be the talk of the classroom!

First, take a picture of your child, and make sure he or she holds their fist out straight in front of them.  Here are my sons doing it in front of a green screen.  The green screen is optional, but if your a computer junkie like me, it's fun to play with!

The first picture with Tristan, is the way it should be done.  Brayden in the second picture didn't quite get what I was asking him to do, but it worked!  

Second, if your using a green screen like I did, add a background.  I use free backgrounds by typing in what I want using Google images.  Such free variety out there!

Now once you have your prints, make a slit using an exacto knife on the top of the hand and a slit on the bottom of the hand.  Slide a lollipop through the slits and your card is done!

This is the finish project.  
We all had a blast doing them and can't wait to give them away for Valentines Day!


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Rebecca Bany said...

Super cute idea!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! but i would like to see here some fabulous valentine day cards...
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