Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Use Common Sense...Don't Text & Drive!


Being a mom, you are always trying to protect your children.  You will do anything for them, to keep them safe and healthy.  I know my children are still young, but since day one, I have been educating them from right and wrong, and I will continue to do so, in hopes they make the right choices as they become adults.

Today, I had to bring my middle son, Brayden to the doctors because his face became swollen and it scared me.  So we went to the doctors, the doctor thinks he may have gotten a bite, but to keep an eye on it and if it does not get better by tomorrow to call back.  So on our way back home, I was being followed by a young "COOL" girl in a black car.  I noticed she sped up on me out of nowhere, then she started swerving.  I looked in my real view mirror and could see she was smoking a cigarette and holding a phone on the top of her steering wheel. Yup, it was obvious that she was texting while she was driving.  Then I would notice she put the phone down.  a couple minutes later, she's swerving again, yup, the phone was on the steering wheel once again, so yes she was texting again.  This continued for awhile.  I was getting nervous having her driving behind me.  I mean what if I had to stop the car quickly, she would have ran right in to the back of my car.

So here I am, making sure I watch the cars a head of me as much as I was watching her behind me.  This is ridiculous   Come on people and parents, teach your children how unsafe it is to drive and text.  They may not hurt themselves but they may hurt another person, and for what, for a stupid text that may be asking "WHAT R U DOING 2NITE"?  Come on, the question can be answered by pulling over to the side of the road, or hey wait, maybe when you get to your destination.

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