Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Is Hopping Closer...Are You Ready?


Easter will be here before we know it, are you ready?  Here are some things to get you in the mood & spirit!

Buy or borrow some books about Easter to read to your children...

Easter Egg Hunt

Age Level:  Baby-Preschool
You and your child read through the book as you look and feel for hidden easter eggs!

Where Are The Baby's Easter Eggs?

Age Level: Baby-Preschool
Little ones will love lifting the large, sturdy flaps in this sweet, irresistible board book to find Baby's Easter eggs. Where could they be? Children will discover colorful springtime objects under each of the six sturdy flaps until... they find Baby's Easter eggs in a fold-out finale.

Bunny's Easter Egg

Age Level:  4-8 Years

Bunny has spent a long night hiding Easter eggs, and now it's time to get some rest. But when she burrows down to sleep, something disturbs her, and everywhere else she tries to nap just isn't right.
She tries the old oak tree—too noisy!
She tries a little boat on the lily pond—too wet!
She tries the greenhouse—oh no!
Where will Bunny go?
Anne Mortimer's charming story is just right for Easter-time sharing.

Do you have your Plastic Easter Eggs for a fun Easter Egg Hunt?

How about some fillers for your Easter Eggs?


Don't forget your Easter Basket!


Still need some help?  Check out these cool kits!


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