Friday, September 2, 2011

Help Vermont Get Back On Their Feet


First, I want to say yes, I live in Vermont, Starksboro Vermont that is.  I am proud to be a Vermonter, we do all we can to help others.  6 years ago, I packed food and clothes in boxes to send to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  My heart went out to those people in Louisiana and I didn't have much money, but I gave what I could.  Now, my home state has been devastated by Hurricane Irene, and I have nothing to give.  I want to so badly help volunteer or do something, but I have 3 little boys that I need to take care of now.  I did manage to come up with $10 to donate to the Vermont Food Bank (which $10 provides 25 meals).  Something is better than nothing!

I am a lucky one.  My town was not effected by Irene much, some down trees and that's it.  We still had our power through the whole thing.  unfortunately this is not true for places that are not to far from me.  I actually stayed at my parents house that night,  We live in a mobile home, so I was a little nervous about that, so I figured because of the heavy winds I'd be safer at my parents house that is about 8 miles away from mine.

I was wrong.  Everything was okay actually until around noon time on Sunday I went out back of their house and saw this...

Not bad, just a small branch that landed on the back of my mom's clothes line.  The rain just kept coming down, and I was getting a little nervous.  Mainly because my parents live across a river.  This river flooded the year I was born in 1976 (which I don't remember), then it flooded in 1998 which was very scary.  Luckily no damages to any of our neighbor houses but the roads got beat up.  Here is a pic of the bridge from my parents house that was destroyed in 1998...

Fortunetelling this did not happen this time.  The water got pretty high, but no damage on our end.  Thank god.  Here is a video clip from that Sunday evening...

We lost power around 6pm Sunday night.  We went to bed early and everything was least that's what I thought.  The next morning we still had no power, and we knew that the road out of Lincoln was closed so I decided to leave going the alternate route.  It was sunny and nice....then I went home.  I got on to the computer and login on mouth dropped.  Pictures every where of roads gone!

So the next day I went back to Lincoln.  My mom and I walked down the road about 2 miles and saw this...

Of course this is minor compared to some places in Vermont!  To see more pictures check out the Facebook Page:  Pictures of Damaged In Vermont.

Also, if you can give $10 to the Vermont Food Bank that would be great, remember $10 will provide 25 meals!

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