Sunday, May 30, 2010

21 Day Challenge - Washing Dishes!


I've been reading Donna Smallin's Book, Unlutter Your Home, and she wrote that it takes 21 days to create a habit. Well let's see. I'm so bad when it comes to house work, and washing dishes is right up there. I'm the type of person who will delay doing dishes until there aren't anymore coffee cups in the cupboard or no more spoons in the silverware tray. Then I have this ugh feeling when I look into the sink and then I think to myself, why did I let it pile up this bad?

So for the next 21 day, I'm going to wash my dishes, at least once a day (not going to push it more then that right now). I will keep track of my 21 days on left sidebar. Once it's complete, I will reward myself. What is the reward, well hubby and I don't get to go out that often for dinner, just him and I that is, so a night out (dinner & a movie) will be the reward. Today is day 1!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where To Begin?

I feel like I want to accomplish so much, but just like a child, I want it done NOW. I want to work on my blog more, I want to play with my kids more, I NEED to lose ALOT of weight, I need to get rid of clutter and organize my home, I want to have more control on our family finances and most of all I want to start homeschooling my children by the time Tristan is in first grade, got 1 more year before that.

So, where do I begin? I don't know! Well, I guess I have chosen to work on my blog more. Which means, I will be posting stuff I do with my kids, my weight progress, getting control of clutter, and maybe in a little of a year I'll be posting the homeschooling program I've chosen.

Today, I'm going to start decluttering some of my home. I get some of my tips from "Unclutter Your Home by Donna Smallin".

My photo's, oh what a mess, and sadley the picture below are only a few of my photos. Anywho, Donna say's to grab an accordian style file, with label folders (which I got from Carolina Pad), and sort all my photo's into either different categories, dates or whatever I want. I'm going to have to buy some more of these folders, he he he.

I like to scrapbook, so I categorized my photo's by each occasion!
I really like how it came out! Whatever I don't use in my scrapbook, I'll put in a photo album.

Super Summer Splash

HELLO! I'm back and I'm looking for some products to review and giveaway for my Super Summer Splash Extravaganza that will be going through July 15-July 31! These products will be anything that relates to Summer, Fun, Hot, Keeping Cool, Pools, Bathing Suits and so on. This extravaganza will be seen by many of my readers, my Facebook followers and my Twitter followers, plus more! Contact me, Angie, today so I can plan the review and giveaway to post for those two weeks.

I also want to let you sponsor's to know that all giveaways will have a mandatory entry which is linked to you website. I also have additional entries that will link to you Facebook Page and Twitter.

Email me today:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Win A Superstar Bounce House!


I just entered to win a Superstar Bounce House from! You can too! Head on over to My Organized Chaos to enter!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Makin' Mud Pies


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Two of a Kind, Working on a full house:

Little Tikes, Makin' Mud Pies!

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