Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where Are Peoples Priorities?


I just got done reading an article where some lady left nearly $300,000 to the Doomsday Christian Radio Station.  WHAT!  Then I read that the Christian Radio Station has taken in more than $18 Million in 2009 alone!  I looked on their website, but could not see if those donations were donated to needy causes.  I believe in God, and I don't think God would recognize a "Christian" radio station taking money for no reason at all but for profit.  Now if I've read this wrong, please correct me.  But if the money was used to help others, you would think they would have a page or link that would state the donations they give too.  Did not see any!

People who donate money to such a cause, I just don't understand.  These people said Judgement Day was May 21, 2011.  We're all still here.  How can people still be sending donations to such a false profit?  I really wouldn't want to be in their shoes when Judgement Day does come.

The part I just can't comprehend, is if you're going to donate money, how about to cancer research, hear disease research, food shelves, natural disaster funds or all these little funds like I put together for my son for Autism.  There are so many charities that could use the $18 Million dollars, why not send it to them.

Sorry, for the venting, but things like this really pee me off!

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