Saturday, June 26, 2010

50 Fun Ideas For Your Kids To Do This Summer - Day 9


Day 9 - Have A Back Yard Treasure Hunt

Plan a treasure hunt for your kids. Of course you'll need a real treasure map, which you can make yourself!

Materials (paper, pen, used tea bag, paper towel, cooking oil)

  1. Think about the map you want to make. It could be a path that uses landmarks, or it could be a verse that includes directions and distances. Make sure the start is easy to find, and the treasure is hidden somewhere where it won't be disturbed until the treasure hunters find it.
  2. Use a piece of white paper and draw your map. Include the compass points and any verse or written clues needed by the hunters to find the treasure. Different colored inks work fine, some pencil crayons will work too.
  3. Tear the edges off the page, to make it look like a treasure map.
  4. When you map is finished, wipe the wet tea bag over both sides of the page. The page will turn a light brown color. The page should be soaked through by the time you are finished.
  5. Crumple it into a ball and let dry over night.
  6. Gently open the map, and wipe both sides with cooking oil. Blot off the excess with paper towels.

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Controlling My Chaos said...

What a great idea. My kids would love this.



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