Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Hate Bugs!


My son hates bugs, and he tell's me this all the time. Especially when a fly flies by. Of course it don't help when mommy don't like certain kind of bugs too, like spiders, ack, I get the weeby geebies when I think of them. So how am I suppose to help my son overcome his fear of bugs when I have my own phobias of them.

Here are some things to try...

1. Do some research online or at your library about bugs. Read together why the bugs are here and what their purpose is.

2. Buy or borrow some children books that are about bugs. Some of my son's favorites are the Ten Little Ladybugs and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

3. Show that you're not scared of the bugs and go to Mr. Spider and say "hello" to it. Then encourage you child to say "hello" too. Then explain that Mr. Spider is here to eat the fly's and mosquito's, and the bee's make honey for us to eat!

4. Purchase a bug house. This way a child can learn and explore any bug you both choose.

5. Purchase a set of bug cards or find some cute bug images online and print them out & laminate them. Then go on a bug hunt. See how many bugs you can find together.

It may take some time, but hopefully bugs won't be so scary after learning and exploring about them!

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