Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Day With Papa!


Today our family spent the day with Papa P, Adam's dad. The boys get to see him about once every month or two. But I know this month we'll be seeing him twice, today and on Father's day. Anyway, when Papa showed up at our house the boys all piled up on him, and of course he got just as carried away as the boys did. After about a half an hour of playing and giggling we all got in to my mom's van (thank you mom for letting us borrow it), and headed off for lunch at Friendly's!

Papa helping Tristan on the Friendly's activity pad

After Friendly's we went to the miniature golf course. Even the younger boys had fun, and they didn't even played.

Papa pushing Brayden & Jayden in their stroller, of course this only lasted a few minutes.

Papa, Daddy & Tristan played one round of miniature golf. 18 holes was enough for all of us, but everyone had a blast! We've decided to add this to our summer fun box! My muscles hurt from pushing the two younger boys. There were a lot of hills and I was pushing at least 60 pounds not counting the stroller.

Daddy, Tristan & Papa hitting some balls!

Luckily, we don't keep score, they're just playing to have fun. Though Daddy did get 2 hole in one's, does that mean he wins? After we were all done we got into the van and headed home. 2 out of the 3 boys feel asleep, yup, the younger two. What a great day!

The three amigo's after they got done playing golf.
This picture will definitely go in the family album!

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