Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Newest Addiction!

Yes, I have a new addiction.  I can not help myself, and I don't think there is any help for me out there.  But I don't want help, I love it, I can't stop, I, I, I need more!

What is it?  Digital Scrapbooking!  I discovered it a few months ago, yeah it's been around for quite awhile, but I thought it would be hard to do, so I just never really took any interest in it.  But one day, I said to myself, just check it out.  After I realized how easy it was, and so much cheaper and flexible it is compared to paper scrapbooking.  Don't get me wrong, paper scrapbooking is still enjoyable, but I'm a kind of person who tends to start a project and leave it out on my desk are for weeks at a time.  Not to good when you have company coming over or kids that tend to get in to your stuff and make even more of mess of it.  This can all be avoided by doing the digital scrapbooking.  Plus the elements & paper you use for digital scrapbooks, can be used over and over again!  I LOVE IT!

Yes, I'm still an amateur, but all that matters to me is that I create wonder pages of memories of my family and I have LOTS of FUN doing it!

So I've decided to start Scrapbook Saturday, so we all can share our digital scrapbook pages!  I'm going to use a theme for each week, and you can join too!  All you have to do is add my button to your blog post that will be showing off your scrapbook page and link up here.  Also, if your able to (which sometimes we can not), tell us what scrapbook kit, elements paper you used or online store your purchased your elements on.   That way we can check that store out too.  Great way to find more shops for all of us scrapbooking addicts!
If you don't remember where you purchase your kit, please share one of your favorite Digital Scrapbooking Shops!

This week theme - NO THEME since it's the first week.

I'm sharing one of the first pages I made.  This is my second sons 3rd Birthday.  

Page 1

Page 2

I don't remember where I purchased this, but one of my favorite online shops is:

Please share your scrapbook page below....Next Saturdays theme will be MOTHERS DAY!

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