Saturday, January 30, 2010

Should We Have Another Baby?


I love babies, and I love children (especially my own). Adam and I have been just randomly talking about having another baby. Deep down, my answer is YES! We have 3 boys right now and we both would like to try for that girl. Though we feel that boys are in our cards, which is fine, I love my boys!

Though, when I do think about it, deep thinking that is, I'm very hesitant about having another baby. It's for reasons that some are just silly. Adam said I should write a Pro/Con list. So that's what I'm doing today.

  1. To give love to another human being
  2. Giving my boys another sibling
  3. The great feeling of being pregnant (the kicking)
  4. Having that baby/mommy bond
  5. Being able to teach another
  6. Snuggling
  7. The possibility of having a girl
  8. Tax Credit (I had to put that as a Pro)


  1. Labor
  2. Nauseousness
  3. Can we afford another baby? (getting by on only 1 income)
  4. Midnight feedings
  5. Postpartum Depression
  6. We would have to buy a van for sure (but that can be a pro since I really want one now)
  7. Weight Gain (Since I'm Trying To Lose Weight Right Now)
  8. We live in a 3 bedroom mobile home in a park, not the best place to raise a family of 6.
This is all I can think of right now, and look at that, 8 pros and 8 cons. I'll be 34 years old this year and I feel my time is ticking so we need to make a decision soon.


Mellisa Rock said...

I have 4 kids -- 3 boy's and then I was lucky enough to have a girl on the 4th try...I gotta tell ya though -- I thought that going from 3 to 4 wouldn't be that big a deal -- but it's a lot more!! You are completely outnumbered ... but I get to french braid and do pony tails and all the other girly things!! Looks like another pro and another con! Good Luck with your decision! :)

LMJ said...

I have a girl! Now I want a boy!! My thing is infertility!! I'm hoping I get pregnant again!!!

Annie said...

Well, I have twin girls but want another baby. I'm not afraid it is a multiple pregnancy again, just one other baby. We have problems:infertily. So I wish 2010, bring me other baby.

Good luck and whem you make a decision let us know.

Happy Sunday



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